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Little River Marine
250 S.E. 10th Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 32601

Phone or fax: (352) 378-5025

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Boat Sales Department,
Parts, Accessories, Tech help

Hours: 7:00am – 3:30pm ET Monday – Friday

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Little River Marine
250 S.E. 10th Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 32601

Phone or fax: (352) 378-5025

Email Us:
Boat Sales Department,
Parts, Accessories, Tech help

Hours: 7:00am – 3:30pm ET Monday – Thursday

Friday by appointment please


The Team

These are the people who are Little River. They are the reason this company exists, and they built your enchanting rowing craft for you. There are many others, but we wanted you to meet the long term guys who are the core of our efforts:


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Ellen: She is the voice, and the heart, of our team. She manages the office, takes care of the team, handles all paperwork, satisfies all regulations, keeps track of everybody and everything. On top of this, at home she takes care of 2 kids with type 1 diabetes and a great husband. She will answer your phone call with a no-nonsense tone, then get your needs met pronto. But if you really have a need, she’ll listen to you for hours, then call you later to see how you’re doing. To us she’s one of the guys, always cheerful, and the easiest person in the world to get along with. ( We are very sad to share that Ellen passed away unexpectedly August 2, 2013. She will always be a part of the team. “Rest up, Ellen, we got this…”)

Darryl: He is our go-to guy. He makes sure your beautiful boat leaves here right, and on time. He does it all. If there is ever a need in production, or from a client who bought a second hand boat 20 years ago, or a vehicle that won’t run, Darryl is always there to help. He’s creative, loves to get everything done, always there. This six-foot, all country boy, has the skills of an executive and the will of a warrior. But there’s not a day we don’t hear him call his wife or grown kids and tell them he loves them.

Al: Most likely this is the guy you will meet in your front yard delivering your boat to you. This will likely be after he spent all week making it (He’s one of our gifted craftsmen), then all night driving across country to be at your place on time. He’s never angry, always faithful, and always trusting. He’ll give you the shirt off his back and he can fix or make anything. Al has a giant heart; at 60+ yrs young, he recently took in his 4 grandchildren full time. A better man you’ll never meet.

Ronnie: Our lead Heritage laminator. He is the Master Chef who turns rolls of fabric and buckets of resin into that stunning rowing craft you’re so proud of. He is steadfast, always here, always has a smile and a joking attitude. Ronnie is also a committed family man with a plethora of kids and grand kids living under his roof.

Mike: He is a master craftsman and manages the Heritage line from out of the mold to final packaging. Mike never, ever, complains. He never misses work. He never, ever, stops working. He’s an example to everyone around him. He never preaches, he just acts. He’s a perfectionist, with a heart. I wish he’d run for president, but I think heaven would consider that a step down from what he does now, which is being an inspiration.

Steve: He is a master in fiberglass and carbon field. He is the lead laminator on all carbon heritages line of boats. Over sees all Mold maintenance, final finish detail on the gel coat, Teak on your boat. When a boat comes in for a refurbish Steve will be the one doing the work to make your boat look new again, Steve is a team player and will do what every it takes to help out anyone on the team.

Bill: That’s me. Not much to tell you haven’t learned from elsewhere on the site, but if you haven’t already, read a couple of the posts in Designer’s Corner

Need driving directions? Click here.

Directions From North East:
If you are coming from the State of Georgia. Go I-95 South until 295 South.
Take 295 to I-10 West. Go on I-10 West until exit 343 (LAWTEY/STARKE) to
US-301 South. In Waldo Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto FL-24 W/KENNARD ST.
In Gainesville pass University Ave. (26) then turn right on SE 4th Str. then
left on SE 10th Ave. There is no sign at the corner of 10th Ave. Just make sure to
turn left after SE 10th Pl.

Directions From Hwy 75:
Take exit Williston road East. (from North the last exit, from South the first exit)
Go accross 13th street (441) then follow the road up to SE 4th Str. Turn left on
SE 4th Str. then left on SE 10th Ave.