The Heritage 18


Which Heritage 18 is best for you?

Versatility to fit your lifestyle. A larger version of the Heritage 15, the Heritage 18 is a slightly more stable row boat than its smaller sibling. Its larger carrying capacity makes it suited to family trips. All of our rowboats are crafted using hand-laid fiberglass. She is incredibly dry and at home in any waters. Just ask David Bean, who rowed a Heritage the entire coast line of Texas. Or ask the man who rowed his heritage completely across the Baltic Sea from Sweden to Germany. 


Thanks to our Patented folding rigger, set up and launching is a breeze. Slide your Heritage off the dock, push off, swing out the rigger and go. It’s that simple! Fold the rigger all the way in and it serves as a handle for lowering yourself in and out of the boat.

The Magic of Design

We have been designing racing shells for 30 years, and know sliding seat and light-weight technology. Our design thinking is simple: “Exercise should be Inspirational.” Make this skiff wide enough to stand, and no wider. Make her sides tall enough to be dry, but not so tall the wind blows you over. Make her as light and tough as possible.

The Heritage Size Models

The Heritage comes in three sizes, the Heritage 12, the Heritage 15 and the Heritage 18. The Heritage 15 and the Heritage 18 can be rigged to row as a single or a double station. The difference is that the Heritage 15 is a lighter launch, and thus easier to handle, while the Heritage 18 has a longer water line, and thus a better rowing double. Which row boat is best for you? If you will be rowing mostly as a single, the 15 is probably best. If you plan to row mostly as a double (and occasionally as a single) then the 18 is your best bet. The Heritage 12 comes as a single only, but can carry passengers. It is a good choice where space is a concern, or weight, or to use as a tender to a big boat.


Specifications and Features


  • Drop-in Unit row station
  • Ideal for car-topping
  • Stable enough to stand in and cast a fishing pole
  • Black or white rails
  • Available as single or double


  • Length: 17′ 8″
  • Width: 42″
  • *Pick-up Weight: 110 lbs. Single, 125 lbs. Double
  • Freeboard amidships: 17″
  • Draws: 3-4″
  • Carrying Capacity 550 lbs.
    *Pick up weight equals boat without Monorails, or what you would normally pick up on your car. Monorails weigh 16 lbs and arms weigh 3lbs a pair:


The Heritage 18 Carbon is now available as a Single or Double, with an ultra light carbon hull and deck that weighs as little as 84 pounds. It’s ideal for those car topping and portaging. This is a refined, detailed high-tech rowing craft. It is our marquis adventure craft.

5 years in the research and development, we quietly made and sold these Carbon marvels all 2011, but did not advertise to get a year’s open market feedback. The reports are in and all amazing.

The Heritage Carbon 18 is ideal for car topping , portaging, open water racing, or simply giving yourself the best green healthy aquatic exercise known. This is a simple to use, stable, solid and beautiful vessel, ideal for double rowing and big/tall single rowing.

Like the Classic, it has a fully molded interior and Patented fold in riggers. This is our best gear, as in the Classic. It includes a comfortable passenger seating in the bow and stern. The bench is also carbon fiber, and is removable, as is the sliding seat monorail. (an Ultralight 5 pound monorail system is available as an option: includes our lightest weight Carbon seat with a high tech gel pad and ultralight foot rests). And when you order as

The riggers pop out instantly to make carrying on you vehicle a snap. There is a molded interior in the Carbon to add rigidity. Standard features include a forward storage locker, bow and stern eyes, molded in non-skid, patented Fold-in rigger system (this is the only system you can fold in with the oars installed– makes docking a breeze). Expect to be impressed in the quality, performance, ease of use. Equal in speed to a single rec-shell*, she delivers uncanny stability with speed.


Specifications and Features



  • Standard fold-in riggers
  • Hull and Deck high-tech carbon fiber build, including benches
  • Massive Positive flotation means self-rescuing capable
  • Ideal for car-topping
  • Stable enough to stand in and cast a fishing pole
  • Black or white rails, or optional teak trim
  • Available as Single or Double. Double comes standard with conversion kit to balanced single
  • 2 Year “bumper to bumper” Warranty, standard factory 2 yr limited warranty include



  • Length 17’8″ or 5.38 m
  • Width 40″ or 101.6 cm
  • Ultralight Carbon Hull 84 lbs. Base Single
  • 89 lbs. Base Double
  • Carrying Capacity 560 lbs.

Newest to our Heritage line is the Guideboat It is built with the same integrity as the classic Heritage, but sold at a more economical price. It is also lighter weight at about 75 pounds.

Newest to our Heritage line is the Guideboat It is built on the same acclaimed hull shape and design as the Classic Heritage, but sold at a more economical price. This is a single skin boat, which means it is made from a hull mold only, similar to a canoe. The inside has a gel coat finish. The Heritage hull is famous for its stability. One can even stand in it and cast a fishing pole.

Speed wise, the Heritage is certainly the fastest traditional design that can claim the ability to stand in. How fast is that? Between 25 and 30 feet per stroke. It’s inspiring. A recent client spent 4 months using his Heritage 12 as a tender and clocked between 4mph and 6.2 mph on his GPS. That’s the 12 footer!
Whether in a 15 or an 18, the Guideboat can be purchased as a single or a double. If you order the boat as a single, it can later be retrofitted into a double by ordering the seeking rowing station and adding the mounting brackets.

The benches are wood for a touch of tradition without overwhelming maintenance. The sliding seat monorail sets on top of the bench just as in the Classic. One may remove the slider (or order it without a slide) to row in the traditional fixed seat way. For and aft are built in passenger seats, which function as the flotation compartments as well. The rigger design is fixed in the outboard position as in a shell. Top of the line Concept II oarlocks are standard.

Specifications and Features


  • Drop-in Unit row station
  • Ideal for car-topping
  • Stable enough to stand in and cast a fishing pole
  • Black or white rails
  • Available as single or double


  • Length 17′ 8″ or 5.38m
  • Hull Weight aprox. 75lbs.



As an exercise rower, she is much better than traditional dinghies, due to her advanced hull shape, light weight, and stiffness. Women often choose the Heritage 12 as a boat that just “fits” better. When used for sliding seat, men seem to prefer the famous glide of the Heritage 15 or 18. But, when there are space limitations, the 12 is perfect. All 3 are stable, allowing the rower to stand. The 12 Yacht Tender is a better “family” sailing version as it carries a smaller, single sail. The 15 and 18 are more high performance with 2 sails.

We’ve built in an enormous amount of safety flotation, much like an inflatable raft has. The entire gunwale is shaped like a large horseshoe, all Coast Guard Certified air chamber flotation. An inflatable has this tube on the outside because it must be round to be made of fabric. We have placed the flotation in the inside and made it an appealing shape to the eye. No longer do yachtsmen need to settle for tenders that have forgotten form in the name of function. This is a romantic rowing craft much like that of which had graced the waters at the turn of the century.

Its timeless lapstrake hull, swooping sheer and wineglass stern give her classic good looks. This graceful craft will probably become a treasured family heirloom, thus: Heritage.

There is an optional second mounting station (for the sliding seat monorail) for those who wish to better relocate weight in the boat when passengers are aboard. The floor is non-skid, and there are over-sized lifting rings, bow and stern, for davits. New for yachtsmen is an optional all white gunwale, so there won’t be any chance of scuff marks against your main vessel.

What’s Her Best Feature?

Versatility to fit your lifestyle. Take a partner, or pile in the kids. Row hard or just sail. Clamp on a two-horsepower motor. Pack a lunch and go exploring. Strap it on the car for summer vacation.

Built with a wider hull than rowing shells, the Heritage is terrifically stable. This allows the rower to stand while launching or even at sea. One can even stand and cast a fishing pole. The Heritage also has a prominent bow enabling it to charge into the roughest seas. The deep-tracking keel and high stern will thrill you as you surf down sea. This is the first truly “ocean-capable” sliding-seat rowing craft. No more waiting for calm weather to row!

The sail/row design is well thought out so you may do both at once: row out, then sail home. Everything is cleanly designed to remove and re-attach instantly, even at sea.