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Many of our clients have something in common, a desire to persue or to recover health through, among other things, rowing. If you or someone you know find themselves in a battle against cancer, injuries, or heart related issues, this page is for you.

Row, Row, Row, to Combat Cancer
Cancer survivor Bob Lynch, right, rows into Black Point Marina in South Dade on Saturday after a 150-mile trip from Key West, Lynch, 50, made the trip to raise money for a rare form of cancer called Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia. He raised nearly $100,000 for his cause. Lynch contracted the rare cancer of the blood and immune system three years ago. He gets a welcome back hug from Marcia McMahon, right.

Man Rows Across Baltic Sea in Heritage 15
“The guy that was supposed to row a Heritage 15 from Poland to Sweden across the Baltic Sea ended up being arrested and deported from Poland. A minor political scandal around it in his favor ….with a lot of media coverage for major sponsors. He had to re-route and ended up rowing from Sweden to Germany instead. According to him the Heritage 15 behaved better in the 5 feet waves than the motorboat that met up with him on the German side…. ”

John Leech (to the left) is 80 years old and has rowed 24 hours to raise money for Wigs for Kids.

Younger Next Year

The best seller Younger Next Year is a must read for anyone over 40. I read the first 30 pages and was so inspired, the next morning I rowed to the Gulf Stream and back!
The science of aging is new and radical. Basically, our body “grows” until about age 50. Then it begins the aging process. Through millions of years of fine-tuning, our amazing body is genetically designed to age gracefully, like a cat or horse, with a natural ability to look great and do almost as much as always, well into our 80’s. But what we see around us, and call aging, is really not aging. It’s decay, caused by a life style.

The good news is we can stop and even reverse decay so radically that we can be functionally Younger Next Year, and the next, for about 10 years.

More good/bad news. Medical care is now so advanced that we will likely live till our 80’s, regardless of our lifestyle. Where as our fore fathers died young from poor lifestyles, we will likely live another 30 years, but for most of us, physically pretty miserable. In other words, medical science will keep our aching, disease-ridden, immobilized bodies alive, but the life we will live will be not far from home hospitalization This doesn’t have to be. Medical experts now tell us 70 to 80 percent of disease in seniors is lifestyle-caused. This book will tells us, and inspires us, to live the way we were designed to.

Crowley identifies two sports that pay such incredible dividends he calls them “Miracle Sports”. They are cross-country skiing and rowing. He owns a Heritage and speaks of it in his book (pg 138 ff). When he bought his, he declared “Bill, you ought to paint a Red Cross on each one of these because that’s what they are, life savers!”

Make the last third of your life as rich and fulfilling as the first. Get this book. Get a Heritage, and we will give you the book, as a gift for deciding to be younger next year.”

B. Larson
Founder, Little River Marine

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