Construction methods

Our Heritage Line has three Construction Methods

Little River Marine’s Quality Construction

Since 1977, Bill Larson has been designing and manufacturing rowing shells with an emphasis on superior quality.

Rowing Skiffs, Heritage Models

As with our rowing shells, Little River has place strict attention to ensuring that our skiffs deliver beyond the expectations of our customers. The Heritage class all come standard with molded, non-skid interiors that provide a comfortable and dependable rowing craft. Also, our interiors come standard with passenger seats that can accommodate members of your family for a fun filled day on the lake. You may also remove the six-wheeled, sliding seat from your heritage to convert to a traditional fixed-rowing craft. A unique feature to our skiffs is the fold-out rigger system that enables your Heritage to be stored easily. Finally, the full-length keel provides true tracking as you paddle through the water.

Rowing Shells Among one of the unique features of the rowing shells is the molded splash guard that ensures a “dry ride”. In addition, all of our rowing shells have complete carbon fiber decks and hulls for superior performance and durability.


Classic Carbon

– Doubleliner
– Lightest
– Fold-in arms
– Massive flotation
– Ultra stiff

Classic (fiberglass)

– Doubleliner
– Most-popular
– Fold-in arms
– Massive flotation
– Very stiff

Guide Boat

– Single skin (like a canoe)
– Most economical
– Fixed arms
– Some flotation
– Moderately stiff