Heritage 12 Carbon


The Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender (full inner liner) is a new multi-purpose yacht tender that rows well, sails hard, is 85 pounds light and beautiful lines. Famous Heritage bottom design for an excellent glide, and can be rigged for sliding seat rowing

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Add Oars

Add one pair of oars to your order.

Add Teak Trim Package

(Instead of White or Black trim)

Add Sail Package

Includes mast, boom, lines, twin lee boards, additional floatation, rudder, tiller, rudder/motor mount, forward brackets, and marconi sail. This system can be retrofitted to an existing boat.

includes forward set of rigger arm brackets and extra attachment points to move rower forward to balance adult passenger


The Heritage 12 Carbon Single is now available with an ultra light carbon hull and deck that weighs as little as 69 pounds. It’s ideal for a lightweight yacht tender, car topping and portaging. This is a refined, detailed high-tech rowing craft that is simple to use, stable, solid and beautiful!

Like the Classic, it has a fully molded interior and Patented fold in riggers. This is our best gear, as in the Classic. The rowing station adds only nine pounds, and includes a comfortable oversized padded seat . The bench is also carbon fiber, and is removable, as is the sliding seat monorail. (an Ultralight monorail is available as an option: includes our lightest weight composite seat with a high tech gel pad and carbon fiber footrests, only 5 lbs.)

The riggers pop out instantly to make carrying on you vehicle a snap. Standard features include a forward storage locker, bow and stern eyes, molded in non-skid, patented Fold-in rigger system (this is the only system you can fold in with the oars installed– makes docking a breeze)

This boat has massive SELF – RESCUING flotation, like an inflatable life raft. (check out the videos of us trying to push the rail under water, it just can’t be done. Combined with the incredible strength the molded interior gives, when bonded to the hull, it is truly an amazing pocket sized Adventure Craft. Exterior color is recommended white.

Approx. weights unrigged:

Heritage Carbon 12: 69 lbs. Base

Specifications and Accessories


  • Heritage 12 Carbon Single includes 1 sliding seat monorail with fold in outriggers, molded bench with nonskid, carbon hull, carbon flotation chambers, Carbon ribs, carbon sub-floor;
  • Standard fold-in riggers
  • Positive flotation
  • Ideal for car-topping
  • Stable enough to stand in and cast a fishing pole
  • Black or white rails ( teak or Ultralight Alum options)
  • Available as single or Single with balanced passenger (rower forward option)
  • 2 Year “bumper to bumper” Warranty, Standard factory 2 yr limited warranty included


  • Length 12′ 5″
  • Width 45″
  • Ultralight Carbon Hull 69 lbs. Base
  • Carrying Capacity 431 lbs. or 195.5 kg

Additional information

Hull Color

White, Bone, Yellow (Custom $400), Blue (Custom $400), Green (Custom $400), Red (Custom $400)

Deck Color

White, Bone

Trim Color

Black, White

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