Legacy 5m Adventure Craft


The Legacy is our newest family    member. Made for serious fun, she  has a gorgeous swooping sheer, high  wine glass stern and clinker  lapstrake  sides. Just looking at her makes you dream…

Choose from the color options below to get started pricing your boat. This craft is only available with black or teak trim options.

Add 2 Sliding Seats and Riggers

Rigging Option for Double

Add Oars

Add oars to your package. (Sold in pairs.)

Add Teak Trim Package

(Instead of White or Black trim)

Add Sail Package

Includes mast, boom, lines, twin lee boards, additional floatation, rudder, tiller, rudder/motor mount, forward brackets, and marconi sail. This system can be retrofitted to an existing boat.

Upgrade to carbon

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The Legacy is our newest family member. Made for serious fun, she  has a gorgeous swooping sheer, high  wine glass stern and clinker  lapstrake  sides. Just looking at her makes you  dream…

Clients asked for a wider, more stable  platform than the Heritage  line, and a  better sail/ row combination in a two  man boat.  With a SELF-DRAINING COCKPIT she  can rest on a mooring and  rainwater passes through. Or, tackle the roughest seas.  An ENCLOSED BOW serves to keep all of gear dry.  And the MASSIVE FLOTATION   makes her unsinkable. Even if you try, she pops up high and dry.

As a Legacy Sailboat, she has higher sides than a Heritage, and a wide,  rolled topside gunnel for comfortable sitting when hiking out.    The sail is a wonderfully simple Boom-less Marconi rig.  She utilizes a light, pick up dagger board in a centered trunk, and a European- designed kick up rudder. You can row out and sail back, and set up at sea.  The mast is 2-part, stay-less, and can be stored on board even while rowing.  The sail is Raid and Everglades Challenge approved, with quick up and down setting and reefing points.

Available in  full Carbon Fiber Build (95 lbs), or in hand laid Fiberglass (120 lbs) pick up weight   (with monorail out).   Don’t forget to visit our color design tool to custom pick your preferred look.

She can be purchased as a Single or Double/Single sliding seat combo. If purchased as a Single, you have the option to convert her to a double at a later time. Of course, all our skiffs come with a standard bench for traditional seat rowing as well (std row locks with riser available)

Specifications and Accessories


  • Self-bailing dockside or moored
  • Stable enough to stand in and cast a fishing pole
  • Incredibly stiff (fully molded liner with nonskid)
  • Massive Positive flotation
  • Fold in oarlock arms
  • 2 HP engine capacity
  • Interchangeable from one rower to two (when ordered as a double)
  • Molded in bow storage and stern seat
  • Wider, higher freeboard and more stable for better sailing and open water adventures
  • 2 Year "bumper to bumper" Warranty, standard factory 2 yr limited warranty included


  • Length: 15' 6"
  • Width: 47"
  • Freeboard @ ends: 30"
  • Freeboard amidships: 20"
  • Pick-Up Weight * 120 lbs. Single
  • Draft (depth in water): 3" - 4"
  • Carrying Capacity: 550 lbs.
  • *Pick up weight equals boat without Monorails, or what you would normally pick up on your car. Monorails weigh 8 lbs and arms weigh 3lbs a pair:
  • Carbon fiber weight 95 lbs.

Additional information

Hull Color

White, Bone, Yellow (Custom $400), Blue (Custom $400), Green (Custom $400), Red (Custom $400)

Deck Color

White, Bone